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With our teamwork features, you will get better control of your team's overall performance as well as on each individual team member.

Each Team member has their own inbox.  They can create tasks, schedule follow ups, answer tickets and engage other team members using mentions and tagging.
Plus, each user has their own login. No need to share your passwords anymore!

Connect unlimited accounts from various marketplaces, all integrated in one place. In this way, you create a hub that allows you to manage your business in an organized, feature-rich manner.

You can add tracking information, leave feedback, cancel and refund orders and more with our order management feature.  
Best of all, complete these tasks for all your accounts on all your marketplaces in one singe place!

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As long as you have an online business, we can help!
We built our platform to match any size online seller perfectly.

Smarter Inbox - Tailored To You

Smarter Inbox - Tailored To You

With our powerful platform you can easily send autoresponders to your customers to maintain a high response rate on each ticket.  Automatically let them know you will reply shortly, are out of the office, or even closed for the day. This immediate reply is great for your reputation

Set up templates based on your most common customer service situations allowing you to save time on responses and create a uniform style across your team!

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Solve Cases Fast and Efficiently

Solve Cases Fast and Efficiently

With our smart ticket system you can solve all your marketplace cases right from one single ticket page. For example, send a refund, reply to a case or issue a return label without logging into your marketplace seller account.

Use our Case Manager Dashboard to get a detailed overview of open cases from all of your marketplaces. Easily stay organized and on top of cases, returns, refunds and cancellations.

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Stay Informed - With Reports

Stay Informed - With Reports

With our detailed reports and analytics, you will always be on top of your business’ performance. You can even monitor your team’s performance using our Helpdesk Analytics.

Plus, download your entire order history from all your marketplaces in once single report or CSV file.

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We Offer Individual Sellers
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As a business owner, one of your biggest priorities is a high level of performance and top-notch security.  
Rest assured, your data is encrypted and kept safe, always.

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Our feature rich software is designed to give you limitless options with the highest standards of security, functionality, innovation and supreme customer service.
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